Oil and Gas Exploration Solutions

Seismic Data Processing and Imaging Solutions: Using GeoThrust, you can process 2D and 3D seismic data and produce the final deliverables including RMS velocity model, depth velocity model, prestack-time migration, prestack-depth migration, post-stack migration, and demigration results.

Near-Surface Imaging & Statics Solutions: TomoPlus is designed to solve statics problems using tomography approach in both 2D and 3D.  It includes a Time Picker as well.  The input data is the first-arrival time picks.  Tomography produces a near-surface depth velocity model from inverting the first arrivals.  And then you can calculate statics from there.

VSP and Surface Seismic Modeling and Survey Design Solutions: VECON is a 2D/3D survey design and modeling package.  It helps you to build velocity models and model the seismic responses for pre-survey planning and post survey analysis.  VISUS is a dedicated 3D VSP and surface seismic visualization and interpretation package.
Crosshole Seismic Processing and Imaging Solutions: TOMOXPro is a complete crosshole seismic application package.  It includes survey design and modeling, raytracing and tomography, processing and migration.
Microseismic Data Processing and Imaging Solutions: MiVu is a software package designed to perform microseismic processing in real time during the hydraulic fracturing operations, in addition to full data processing and interpretation after the hydraulic fracturing has been completed.


Geophysical Engineering Solutions

2D Seismic Refraction Survey: GeoCT-I is designed for performing 2D refraction traveltime tomography.  It has options for automated mode or manual mode.  It is designed both for on-site real-time imaging and for detailed interpretation need. TwoShots is designed to image bedrock using only the forward and reverse shots by applying migration theories.
2D Near-Surface Total Solutions: GeoCT-II offers total solutions for near-surface engineering applications.  It includes Time Picker, Model Builder, Finite-Difference Full-Wavefield Simulation, Refraction and Reflection Raytracing and Tomography.
2D and 3D Seismic Engineering Tomography: Tomo eApp is designed to perform 2D and 3D seismic first-arrival traveltime tomography for large surveys including refraction, crosshole, and VSP geometry.  This package includes a several time picker options and many QC tools.  Applications include delineating bedrock topography in 2D and 3D, locating objects, and mining exploration.
Detecting Defects in Bridge Shafts: TomoSonic provides a complete set of tools for performing 2D/3D crosshole sonic logging tomography.  With CSL data, TomoSonic can image the velocity distribution within a shaft in real time and help identify defects.